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Home PRODUKTY JTAG urządzenia SEED XDS560V2 - Funkcjonalność CCS

SEED XDS560V2 - Funkcjonalność CCS

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Porównanie Emulatorów
Funkcjonalność CCS
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 Code Composer StudioTM V4 porównanie z CCS3.3



CCS v3.3

CCS v4

CCS v5

Eclipse open source software framework


CCS v5.0 is not a replacement of CCS4, targeted customers who are using devices running Linux and multi-core C6000; Addresses a need (Linux Debug) that is not supported by CCS4;

CCS v5.1 is a replacement of CCS4, Texas Instruments haven't release the formal version by now.

Support TI new platform: Netra, C6C8148, ARM37xx etc.


Support XDS560 Trace entire function

Part Function

Support DSP/BIOS6 (support ARM9Cortex M3)


Support Cortex-A platform, Linux kernel and driver programme debug


Support bran-new script debugging, such as perl


Support CCS configuration with debugging at the same time


Support calling third-party compiler


Provide multi-processor debugging and comprehensive window solutions

Need many IDE windows

Need only one IED window